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Business Accounts on Facebook

Facebook is a popular social network founded in 2004. At first, it was exclusively used by Harvard University but became available for everyone above 13 in 2006. Today, Facebook is used for chatting, watching short videos, posting links on various content, sharing photos, and leaving comments. 

Facebook is so popular because it attracts people wanting to socialize and companies promoting their businesses. Growing number of platforms and projects are being popularized on Facebook.

Not many know how to create a Facebook account for advertising or maybe just don’t have the time. That’s why accounts with advertising or business managers are especially popular now, allowing you to use the social network as a tool to make money. A ready-to-use advertising account will let you save time on development, allowing you to run advertisements almost immediately.

If you don’t want to spend your precious time creating the accounts and fighting bans, we suggest that you buy a ready-made-account on accs-shop.com store and forget about prepping and warming up a new account. 

Why Should I Get a Facebook Ad Account?

Facebook business page offers several advantages. The following are worth mentioning: 

1. Saving time on creating and farming a new account. Ready-to-use Facebook accounts purchased at accs-shop.com do not need prepping, which usually takes a lot of time and effort to complete.
2. You can get your first leads on the same or following day after buying an account. 
3. A ready-to-go account can ensure a quick advertisement launch and regular profits.

How to Buy Facebook Ads Accounts? 

You can buy a Facebook Ad account at accs-shop.com. It requires several easy steps to complete a purchase: 

  • Choose a suitable account that fulfills all your needs and get familiar with description
  • After pressing “Buy Now” button, enter your email and number of accounts you wish to purchase
  • Verify your contact information and choose a preferred payment method
  • After completing payment, download purchased accounts using provided links.