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Buy Ready-to-use Discord Accounts with Email & Phone

It’s pointless to use apps and bots for automatic mailing in Discord if you don’t have an account to send messages from. Also, the messenger has several high-quality internal filters that prohibit massive mailings of messages to a large number of addresses.

Messenger developers fight spammers with these filters. No matter how long ago or how lawfully you registered your account, if the system detects massive mailings of messages, at some point, it will block you with an anti-spam filter. 

So if you need to make massive mailings, you must have many accounts and patience to effectively rotate blocked profiles.

It will take a lot of time and effort to open numerous accounts on your own. If you decide to do it by yourself, be ready for the fact that the time spent will not recoup the profit received from the mailings. 

Our accounts’ selling store, Accs-Shop, can help you solve the problem of account shortages. You can purchase as many accounts as you need for a low price and use them together with a mailing bot. The unique registration technology allows us to guarantee that accounts will stay active for a long time.

Benefits of Buying Discord Accounts From Our Store: 

These accounts are very durable and viable. We sell the Discord user account only once, to the individual buyer. 

If you want to avoid getting blocked or banned by the system administrators, please remember to use multiple messenger accounts. This way, if you send several messages per account, an anti-spam filter won’t recognize your activity and your  profiles will be safe for a very long time.
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