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Facebook accounts (manual registration) | Advertising Access Reinstated | Verified by SMS and email (included) | Profile fully filled out | FP created | Gender (F) | Includes Cookies/Token | Registered with Ukraine ip [15318].

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2.51 $


  • Manually registered Facebook accounts.
  • Ad activity ban has been lifted. Advertising Access Reinstated.
  • Registered with Ukraine IP.
  • Verified by SMS, after which the number was deleted.
  • Profile is fully filled out with avatar, cover photo, and info.
  • A neutral Fan Page has been created.
  • Passed verification during the farming process (selfie).
  • Cookies (JSON) and EAAB token are included.
  • Gender is female.

Format of provided accounts:



It is mandatory to use a proxy from the registration country to log in to the account.

Account validity is checked using its ID (login) (https://facebook.com/login).

Recommendations for purchase:

  • Use quality mobile or residential proxies to log in to accounts.
  • Logging in with VPN/Home IP/Free proxies is prohibited.
  • First, buy a small number of accounts and test them to see if they are suitable for you. Only then should you buy a larger number of accounts.