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Facebook accounts | Farmed for 5+ days | Suitable for Mom/King | $50 limit | Created with a new model of FP | Confirmed by SMS + email (included) | Avatar/cover/info added | Cookies/useragent | Registered with Poland IP | Aged for 1+ month [16819]

117 pc.
1.23 $


  • Automatic Facebook accounts registration.
  • Registered with a Poland IP address.
  • Verified via SMS.
  • An email is attached and comes with the account. The email can only be accessed from a RU IP address.
  • A new type of Fan Page has been created and filled with an avatar, cover photo, posts, website, and phone number.
  • Farmed for at least 5 days.
  • Profile is fully completed with an avatar, cover photo, and filled-in information.
  • Cookies (JSON) and useragent are included.
  • The ad account limit is $50.
  • Gender is female.

Account format:



Account verification is performed immediately after purchase.

It is mandatory to use a proxy from the country of registration to access the account!

It is recommended to log in to the account via cookies. See how to load cookies here.

Account validity is checked by its ID (login) (https://facebook.com/login).

Purchase recommendations:

  • Use quality mobile or residential proxies to log in to accounts.
  • Accessing accounts via VPN/home IP/free proxies is prohibited.
  • Buy a small number of accounts first and test if they suit your needs before purchasing a larger number of accounts.