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GMail (Google Ads) accounts | Manual registration | Suitable for advertising | Manual Farm | Europa/France [Supplier # #16904]

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4.94 $


  • Accounts Google Ads (manual registration).
  • Suitable for advertising.
  • Registration and farming was made on the proxy France.
  • Activated 2-fa.
  • Included extra. mail.
  • Work with the account includes multi-stage manual farming: Work on the keys, work with YouTube. Work with the cloud, maps, scrolling, likes, and much more.
  • Accounts can give billing in 400 euros, provided quality proxies and payment.

Format of accounts given. The format of the data is specified to make it easier to read the data received, and in some cases may differ, which does not affect the work of accounts.

You receive a link to download the archive with the data


  • Any Gmail account may ask for confirmation via sms when you sign in or during the process. This is considered a normal phenomenon. You can confirm it using your number or sms-activation services.

Recommendations for purchase.

  • Use high-quality mobile or resident proxies to log into accounts
  • Login with VPN/Home ip/free proxies is prohibited.
  • First buy a small number of accounts and test them, whether these accounts are suitable for you and only after that, buy more accounts.

Accounts presented in our store on sale, are accounts from suppliers, so we recommend that you, the field of purchase of goods, change it access to their own (passwords and other additional data). All this is specified in the rules of the store.