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Telegram accounts (manual registration) | (Tdata) for Portable version | Gender (Female) | Registered to United Kingdom numbers (+44) | Enabled 2-fa authorization [17888]

21 pc.
0.82 $


  • Telegram accounts manual registration.
  • Accounts are confirmed by sms United Kingdom (+44).
  • Added avatar.
  • Gender is female.
  • Password 2-fa: MMpZvrr4kaLd


  • You will need Portable version of Telegram to run accounts. (Is in the archive). To run an account, you will need to download the archive, unzip it and run telegram.exe from that file. If there is no telegram.exe in the archive, download it from the official web site telegram.org (the portable version) and put it next to the tdata folder. Before launching, make sure there is no other telegram account open in task manager, and if there is, quit all processes.

Instructions: Click

No login and password included!!! Log in only from your PC, through the desktop application!

Telegram portable (tdata) Does not work on MacOS

Accounts validity is 100% For this product there are no replacements!

Rules of Use:

  • Log in with a clean private proxy.
  • Do not use free services to change ip.

Format of the issued accounts.

After payment you will receive a link to download the archive with tdata folder.

Recommendations for purchase.

  • use proxies when working with accounts. 1 account, one proxy
  • first buy a small number of accounts and test them, whether these accounts are suitable for you and only after that, buy a larger number of accounts.