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FB accounts (Manual registration) | Verified via SMS | Verified via email@outlook.com (included) | Avatar uploaded | Comes with EAAB token and Json cookies | Gender (F) | Registered with Poland IP [17555]

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  • Facebook accounts are manually registered.
  • Registered with Poland IP.
  • Accounts are verified via SMS.
  • Email is attached. Email is included.
  • Avatar is uploaded.
  • Gender is female.
  • Comes with EAAB token and Json format cookie.

Format of issued accounts.



Log in to the account only with the IP of the country of registration. Attempting to log in with an IP from another country may result in incorrect Facebook account password. Use US mobile proxies to log in to accounts.

Account validity is checked by its ID (login) (https://facebook.com/login).

After you log into the account, THERE ARE NO REPLACEMENTS. Check the validity in advance.

Recommendations for purchase.

  • Use proxies when working with accounts. 1 account, one proxy.
  • First, buy a small number of accounts and test them to see if the data suits you. Only after that, purchase a larger number of accounts.